What is FCD Token?

FCD is the most powerful element of the ecosystem created by FCDVentures. While users experience the platform and technology, they benefit from many advantages on fcdventures.com with their FCD

You can earn FCD Token completely free through our site.

A community that is rising every day.



We offer you solutions with strategies and applications that break new ground in crypto advertising.

PTC Advertising

A platform where you can publish your own sites. Create the right campaign for your target customers!

Twitter (X) interactions

Thanks to the tweet to earn option on the platform, we provide likes, retweets and comments services for your Twitter posts.

Video Ads

We ensure that your YouTube videos are watched and interacted with.

Banner Ads

We aim to increase your brand awareness with banner ads in various areas during the time our users spend on the site.

Text Ads

Our advertising type aims to create interaction with interesting headlines and articles.

Login Ads

Thanks to Login Ads, we provide the opportunity to reach all our users on our site.

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No Pre-Sale No Hidden fees

Total Supply

92.000.000 FCD




Mintable? NO
Buy/Sell Fee? NO


%80 Locked for 5 years on Icecreamswap


Symbol: FCD
Decimals: 18


10m Locked for 2 years on Icecreamswap

Contract Address

0x2898ad472234c27163b99191d8d77bfc8bb7356d Contract renounced


The 2024 Roadmap

These are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions about FCD Token. If you don't see what you are curious about in the list below, please contact us!

Is FCD Token an official CORE project?

No, We have no official connection with the CORE project yet.

Where can I buy it?

It's very easy! At the moment you can easily buy/sell FCD Token with IcecreamSwap. We will share news about listing on new dexes very soon.

Audits and reliability

All our accounts on Icecreamswap, ave.ai, twitter and telegram are KYC approved. We continue to negotiate with audit companies and already whitelisted in the contract coredao

What does the project team earn?

The whole team has a 2-year locked FCD of 10m in total. And the team will always do its best to help the project reach higher levels.

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